What is being a student…?

I'm back in classes, 4 to be exact, and not loving it. While educating myself is very important and I do indeed love to learn, homework and attendance are not my strong suits. I have about 32 credits left for my associates and hot damn, I'm getting it! Pretty ready to have at least some verfiable education under my belt, seeing as this is in fact my 4th college and I have no diploma to show for it.

So here I am surrounded by predominantly younger people, fresh high school grads. I don't want to say I feel superior to them, but I have lived volumes more than mom's house and weekend house parties. I'm at a point where I need to humble myself to work with and around my classmates. I need to actually DO the work.

Being a student is showing up to class, preferably on time. Being a student is also coming prepared and eager for the days lesson, having completed any reading or homework. Being a student is committing to these courses, spending that time outside of school that you need to succeed.

I feel like a massive cliche douche-lord, but I am telling myself these little rules to keep it together.

Wish me luck.



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