WTF: Today

I have a hard time understanding some people's rantional. As I have gotten older, I have learned to shut my damn mouth and respect other people's opinions. But if their 'opinion' starts infringing upon my rights... OH HEELLLLLL NO! The militarization of America's local police forces is terrifying. Why would that not scare someone?! The cops are here to pretect us, that's why, right?? That is hopefully the case until you are the suspect. Innocent, guilty.. that shit doesn't matter. Beating people in the streets, chokeholding to death, shoot now ask questions later.

The apathy of Americans shouldn't surprise me, but I am so hopeful and naive that it still does. From obesity to rampant corruption in politics, to religous zealots to the environmental crises being convenientally overlooked. When does it end? When God shows up and says 'Shit... ya'll are dumb as fuck' and smites planet earth?

Wow. Cool plan.

I don't have any good answers, I cannot intruct the world leaders on the best route for peace and health and harmony and conservation. I am a relatively useless piece of this puzzle. BUT maybe if some people will learn something (anything!), I guess I'll be ok with that too.

I am a Bill Maher fan not only because he is intelligent and hilarious, but he is willing to conpromise and play the devil's advocate for the sake of honesty. This clip is a favorite of mine!

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