2014 Work

Bohemian Styled Shoot


Photography by Shauntelle Sposto @ Sposto Photo


Styling and Jewelry by Summer Orosz @ Bootsie Vintage and Summer Adeline Jewelry


Long Beach, CA

April 2014

Jay Diebel



Various projects and photo shoots

Photography by Jay Diebel


Long Beach, CA

February and May 2014


Sugar Los Angeles



Mid-morning pick-me-ups with pink plexi glass

Photography by Kody Pikern @ Sugar Los Angeles


Long Beach, CA and Los Angeles, CA

April and May 2014

McMarden & RB of McD​​



Designed and Handmade in Los Angeles

Custom leather clothing and accessories


Photography by John McDavid Lehman @ McMarden and RB of McD


Los Angeles, CA

April 2014

Pedro Martinez


Golden Hour 

Photography by Pedro Martinez @ Oh Snaps I Was There


Long Beach, CA

April 2014

Joseph Silver



Natural light test shoot

Photography by Joseph Silver

MUA by Davi Mak


Long Beach, CA

May 2014

Collective 22




Photography by Pat Santos @ Collective 22


Thousand Oaks, CA

April 2014

Vintage Vapors


Custom Vapor E-Cigs

Photography by Eric Hendrikx


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

April 2014


Shito the Drink




Photography by Barry Truong


Long Beach, CA

June 2014

Eyes On Fire



Bad News

Photography by Austin Winchell


Los Angeles, CA

May 2014

Wet Hot Summer



July at Lucky Peak

Photography by Fudo Jahic


Boise, ID

July 2014

Miami Fever



Mojito's please

Photography by Carlos Fever


Miami, FL

June 2014

Nothing Yet



Quick trips

Photography by Brian Barreta


Long Beach, CA

May 2014

Blaise Cepis

It's alright, we're alright


Photography by Blaise Cepis


Brooklyn, NY

August & October 2014

Tiffanie Byron

Photography by Tiffany Byron


Los Angeles, CA

March 2014

So hot right now

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